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12 Week “Be Your Best Contest” – Nutrition and Success

When you start the 12 Week “Be Your Best Contest” you might be tempted to drastically reduce your food input in a bid to kick start your fat loss.

If you do this you will almost certainly see some immediate improvements in your weight. Some of this weight loss may be fat loss and possibly a greater proportion of this could be water loss. Water loss has no bearing on your body fat level.

If you then see your rate of weight loss level out or even start to reverse this could become frustrating. What will you do at this point?

· You could eat less. This will put you into starvation mode and your body will want to retain the fat reserves it has because it is gearing up for a famine. Your energy levels whilst you try to train will be terrible and you will have a greater urge to ingest some cheap calories (sugary ones). Each of us only has so much will power.

· Alternatively you could think this is a waste of time, money and effort and give up.

For most of us a better course of action would be not to reduce calorie input so drastically at the start, train with plenty of energy and accept a slower reduction in body fat levels as normal and accept that weight on the scales will vary quite a lot and a “loss” or “gain” on the scales is probably due to varying levels of hydration and varying weights of semi digested food and waste matter in the gastro intestinal tract.

Our qualified personal trainers, John and Tangi, will give you some ideas about food intake for the 12 Week “Be Your Best Contest”. These may differ from other suggestions you might find in other places and from other methods you may have tried in the past. You should ask yourself what has worked OVER THE LONG TERM in the past for yourself and other people you know.

We would like to remind all our participants over the course of the 12 weeks that success comes in many forms….

· Doing something different

· Feeling good about your commitment

· Renewed motivation

· Meeting new people

· Trying a new training style

· Feeling and being healthier

· Changing your body composition

· Increased energy and mood

· Having fun!

We can’t wait for our “Be Your Best Contest” to launch in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips, recipes and motivation!


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